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Carl Roger's founded the Person-Centered model of therapeutic counseling from which many clinical counselors base their work. Here at GM Consultant Agency we practice from a small premise of Roger's teachings in that our goal is to have the client see a light at the end of the tunnel. We want all our clients to know they can overcome their bad situations that are negatively impacting their lives. The key is how they handle these problems. It is not only about looking at your past. Through the teachings of Roger's we as professionals know we are merely the "listeners", the client already has the answer to his or her own plan, we must assist them with implementing it properly, being that Bridge to Your Tomorrow.

Mrs. Relf-Davis has a Master's degree in Education/Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Monroe College. Mrs. Relf-Davis has a current CRC certification, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, issued by the CRCC. She also is a current CASAC-T, Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, issued by NYS OASAS. Mrs. Relf-Davis has a valid DUN number and is qualified to provide expert testimony in regards to re-employability.


Mrs. Relf-Davis has experience in providing evaluations. Most recently, she has been working with the New York State Education  (ACCES-VR formerly known as VESID) as a vocational counselor, screened and . Mrs.  has a long career working in this field for a number of agencies throughout the New York area, including the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Odyssey House and Greenwich House.


Mrs. Relf-Davis additionally has experience working with workers compensation cases and the assessment of .